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The camera sees everything. Cleaning mirrors, windows, sweeping, vacuuming and dusting makes the home look and feel clean.

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Clear Countertops

Countertops around the home and especially in the kitchen present better in photos when they are cleared. The goal is to remove as many items as you can. Less is more.


Examples of things to hide: Trash cans, shoes, kid's toys, hampers, laundry baskets and toilet plungers. Remove items from the surface of end tables, coffee tables, nightstands and the tops of dressers.

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Where to hide items

Storage rooms, closets, cupboards and garages are excellent locations to hide items.


Have fun with staging to help the home feel more lively. A few nice throw pillows and thriving plants can go a long way to sprucing up the place.

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The first photos a buyer will see are the exterior photos of the front of the home. Cleaning up the yard makes for a good first impression. Pick up kids toys, rake leaves and hide trash cans.

Pressure wash

Preasure washing sidewalks, drive ways and the exterior of the home rejuvenates the exterior of the home.


Lights on

Turning on all interior and exterior lights helps the home feel bright and lively. Remember to also turn on lamps, accent lights and stove range lights. This is especially important for dusk photos.

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Open curtains

Fully opening the curtains and blinds helps bring in more natural light, creating an inviting ambiance in the images.

Move vehicles

Park cars, trucks and trailers away from the home or across the street from the home. When we are taking exterior photos we want clear views of the home that are not obscured by parked vehicles.

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Your wonderful pets are always welcome to visit on the photoshoot; however, the process tends to move much smoother if you are able to take your pets on a walk, or have them in a safe space, such as the garage. It is also a good idea to tuck away pet food bowls, pet toys and pet beds.

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