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Photos capture the interior and exterior of the house, property and surrounding buildings. Includes professional image editing. Photos are delivered within 24-48 hours. Pricing is based on the sq. ft. of the home combined with the sq. ft. of any outbuildings or shops that need to be photographed.

Up to 1,100 sq ft | $170
1,101-2,500 sq ft | $245
2,501-4,000 sq ft | $320
4,001-6,000 sq ft | $430
6,001-8,000 sq ft | $535


Dusk photos showcase the exterior of the home in stunning evening light. This is a wonderful way to get a beautiful main photo for your listing. 

5 Photos | $160
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Aerial drone photos are an excellent way to show off the home, it's property and the incredible views around it. Bundle drone photos with any other service and automatically get $70 off your drone photos.

0-1 acre | $150
2-50 acres | $200
51-150 acres | $270

151-300 acres | $320
301-500 acres | $400
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Have an overlay of the property outline applied to your drone photos.

Per photo | $20


Our video tours include a video walkthrough of the interior of the home paired with drone footage of the exterior and property. Pricing is based off the size of the interior added with the price of the exterior. Below is a pricing table and example:

Cost to capture inside the home
Up to 2,000 sq ft  | $140
2,100-4,000 sq ft  | $220
4,000 -6,000 sq ft | $375
6001-8,000 sq ft | $430

Cost to capture the exterior and property
0-2  acres | $75
3-50 acres | $160
51-150 acres | $250
151-300 acres | $320
301-500 acres | $400


A 2,000 sq ft home on less than 2 acres would cost $140 for the interior and $75 for the exterior, bringing the total to $215.
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We offer lifestyle and standard portraits. After the photoshoot you will receive a preview a gallery of all the photos and choose your favorite ones to be edited. Our edits include: Skin retouching, teeth whitening and spot removal.

10 Photos | $250
20 Photos | $350
30 Photos | $400
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Fast and easy online scheduling. Cancel or reschedule at anytime. No scheduling or cancellation fees.

  • What is your service area?
    I serve Roseburg, Oregon and surrounding areas up to 40 miles. I do not service anything outside of this radius. I do not charge travel fees. Service Areas: Sutherlin Oakland Glide Roseburg Winston Green Myrtle creek
  • How does billing work?
    After the photoshoot we will email you an online invoice via Square. You will be able to pay this invoice online with a debit card or credit card. Invoices are due within 20 days. If Square does not work for you, we offer other payment methods. Payment Options Square Venmo Zelle Cash Checks ​Check If you would like to pay your invoice by check, my business name and address can be found on your invoice.
  • How to stage your home for photos
    Click here to learn how to prepare your home for the photoshoot.
  • How do I access my photos?
    24-48 hours after the photoshoot you will receive an email with a download link for you to download the photos. If you are having trouble finding or accessing your photos after you download them, click here to learn how to find and access your downloaded photos.
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